Anyone from Ohio, Ky, Indiana?

velvetvixen Paid Member
I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was curious if anyone is from Ohio, Ky, or Indiana is on this site? Thank you.
12 days ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Sesame Paid Member
I'm in Bloomington, Indiana!
12 days ago
Gina Lee Paid Member
I'm in Columbus, Ohio. :)
11 days ago from Ohio, United States
MsAnthrope Previous Paid Member
I'm in Henderson, KY, which is right across the river from Evansville, IN.
11 days ago from Henderson, Kentucky, United States
Cristina Sarsama
I'm in Cleveland OH
11 days ago
McKala Paid Member
Hi! I'm in Cleveland OH.
11 days ago from Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Hi there! I'm currently in Columbus, Ohio
11 days ago
velvetvixen Paid Member
Glad to know there are people in this region! To the Columbus people, do you go to any of the pole studios there? I used to live around Cleveland when I went to Kent State. I miss the black squirrels. ha ha
8 days ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
LatinPoler Paid Member
I used to go to Studio Rouge. I also tried Infinity Aerial, but I liked Studio Rouge better. They have very good facilities and teachers. However they lack dance/flow classes, there is only one dance class a week and occasionally workshops. If you are a trick person, that should not bother you. If you are a dance person, you'll probably miss more dance classes.
8 days ago from TX, United States
Gina Lee Paid Member
I go to Studio Rouge. As Latin said, the facilities and teachers are great!
8 days ago from Ohio, United States
grayeyes Paid Member
I'm in Columbus too. I've tried Infinity, Studio Rouge and Vertical Bliss. I prefer Studio Rouge but I don't spend a lot of time in any studio and mostly pole at home. I just finished the Ultimate Lap Dance series at Studio Rouge and LOVED it.
7 days ago from United States
Stacy Roberts
Columbus also! I have been to Rouge (clean,professional), Infinity (Not a good experience), Bliss (clean, professional)-the class I took was choreographed and I dont dance, Candy Cane(?) in Gahanna has poles and you can do what you want-no structure if that's what you want. Good Luck
7 days ago
chemgoddess1 Paid Member
Are you back??? Oh my god, it has been ages!!!
6 days ago from Raleigh-ish, NC, United States
TheMomNextDoor Previous Paid Member
Teaching is a true gift and Veena has it. Besides an amazing performer, she thoroughly breaks down and demonstrates each move. I love the lessons! Being online makes them super flexible. And they are so affordable! Perfect!
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